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Today's CCTV Camera Systems

It was just a few short years ago, that Close-Circuit Television (CCTV) surveillance camera systems cost thousands (and sometimes, tens of thousands) of dollars. These surveillance systems were essentially stand-alone systems with little or no networking capabilities. In fact, if remote monitoring was required by these earlier camera systems, a separate, dedicated high-speed network was required to connect these systems with a central monitoring facility. Today, the microprocessor-based CCTV camera systems we recommend are inexpensive, ease to install, and can be managed remotely with Internet-connected computers, tablets, and even smartphones. They can be installed indoors or outdoors using tamper-proof mounting brackets.

Typical Surveillance Camera System

CCTV Surveillance Camera Systems

We Can Integrate Your Surveillance Cameras Into Your Existing Network.

Our surveillance camera systems can be installed by you and seamlessly integrated into your existing network, and this enables you to instantally retrieve and view video images. Surveillance videos can be viewed on the locally-attached monitor as well as:

  • support Power-over-Ethernet (POE),
  • computers attached to the local LAN,
  • any authenticated computer attached to the Internet, and;
  • tablets, PDAs, and smartphone attached to the Internet.

The IP camera systems we recommend include up to 16 indoor and/or outdoor color cameras that can be controlled by user-friendly, intuitive software running on one your existing computers. 

When motion is detected by any camera attached to the system, it sends an alarm and a video clip that includes live video of the person or thing that activated the camera's integrated motion detector. Additionally, an Email message containing a still photo of the event that triggered the motion detection can be sent to any Email address on the Internet. After this Email is delivered to the specified address, the person receiving this Email can then open an Internet browser window and view the video being captured by the camera in real-time.  It is important to note that this video can be viewed on a PC, a PDA or any video-enabled mobile phone. Our IP camera systems include sophisticated security protocols to ensure that this surveillance video is only viewable by authorized administrators and users. 

Benefits of a CCTV-based Surveillance Camera Systems

CCTV surveillance camera systems will enable you to:
  • See who entered or attempted to enter your SOHO or small  business when you were closed.

  • Provide multiple levels of security for access control (an administrator and one or more users).

  • View all cameras across the Internet to:

  • Monitor on facility while on vacation or out of town on business.

  • Monitor empty, unused portions of your facility.

  • Provide off-hours security surveillance for small business.

  • Archive surveillance videos on DVDs or other inexpensive storage media.

  • Record videos at a specific day and time, or every day of the week at a specific time of the day.

  • Connect your surveillance to your broadband network.

  • Receive Email notifications that contains a still picture of the person or thing that activated the motion detector.

  • Monitor live video on your remote PC, PDA or video-enabled mobile phone.

  • Perform all Internet camera administrative/control functions both locally and across the Internet.

  • Move individual cameras or the complete system to different locations.

How much does a typical DVR-based CCTV camera system cost?

Contrary to the expensive, standalone surveillance camera systems that were used in past, today's DVR-based CCTV camera systems are actually powerful network servers controlled by sophisticated surveillance camera firmware and software. These camera systems support advanced features such as motion detection and support complex networking and security access protocols:

  •  A four-camera stationary POE camera system with DVR and monitor for indoor and outdoor use can costs as little as $500; conversely,

  • a top-of-the-line sixteen camera system with DVR and monitor with advanced features such as two-way audio, pan/tilt/zoom, surveillance patrol, and night-vision, can cost $3.000 or more.

Fortunately, most DVR-based CCTV surveillance camera systems are both modular and flexible, and thus, you can initially install a modest four-camera system, and add additional cameras as needed.



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