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IP Surveillance Camera Systems

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Internet-based surveillance cameras were originally developed during the early-nineties, but at that time their high cost and complex networking requirements made them impracticable for the residential and small business environments. These earlier cameras were no more than what are called webcams today and did not start to get wide-spread approval until Internet Service Providers (ISP) started to aggressively roll-out DSL and Cable broadband services during the 2001-to-2005 timeframe. Today's Internet cameras, also known as IP cameras, have evolved to the point where they are one of the fastest growing segments of the home and small business security market. IP cameras are actually "camera servers", capable of supporting complex surveillance tasks such as:

  • Capturing live videos and still images and sending them to local computer or computer and other devices attached to the Internet.

  • Detecting motion in designated "hot spots",

  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) with digital zoom.

  • Supporting two-way audio.

  • recording and up-loading surveillance videos to computers, smart phones, or PDAs attached to the Internet.

We Will Install a  24/7 Security Shield

 Our 24/7 Security Shield services include all tasks required to install, configure, and maintain your surveillance camera system on an on-going basis:
  • Initial Installation – Static IP address assignment, access security, Wi-Fi parameters, Email setup, FTP upload host, dynamic DNS, and remote control.

  • Network Configuration –  Wireless security parameters, port forwarding, MAC filtering, and firewall configuration changes. 

  • On-going Support – 24/7 technical support for all surveillance camera components including routers and wireless access points..

A 24/7 Security Shield Protects Your Residence , Home-Office, or Small Business

After we have installed and configured your IP surveillance cameras, you will be able to:

  • View surveillance camera videos on local computers, and/or computers, smartphones, or PDAs attached to the Internet.

  • Use one of your existing computers as surveillance camera control systems.

  • Save and archive surveillance videos without the need for an expensive DVR-type video storage system

  • Record videos at a specific day and time, or every day of the week at a specific time of the day.

  • See who entered or attempted to enter your business when you were closed.

  • Maintain an surveillance database/archive of all attempted intrusions or other suspicious activities.

  • Use your existing broadband modems and/or cable modem to provide Internet access to your cameras.

  • Receive Email notifications that contains a still picture of the person or thing that activated the motion detector. (This Email can be received on a PC, PDA or video-enabled mobile phone.)

  • Perform all Internet camera administrative/control functions both locally and across the Internet.

  • Provide remote access to Internet camera systems without a static IP address.

Need More Information?

Your IP surveillance camera system can provide a surveillance shield that will help protect your residence or small business. If you need more information, please click Here or call (602) 478-4778 or (623) 979-5934.


Surveillance Camera System Network 
 Figure 1 -- Surveillance Camera Network

Typical Surveillance Camera Home Installation
Figure 2 -- Typical Surveillance Camera Home Installation
Surveillance Camera System Components 
Figure 3 -- Surveillance Camera System Components


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