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Home-Office without Wires

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Home-Office without Wires Network
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Typical Home-Office Network

A typical home-office network includes  technology devices dedicated to performing the specific business functions of the home-office. The home-offices normally occupies a portion of a residentence, and shares some resources with other occupants of the residence such as utilities and maintenance. It that the network components used to support the home-office's business activities remain totally separated from the home network. Network seperation is required because of factors such as:
  1. Information security.
  2. customer privacy and confidentiality.
  3. Federal and state regulatory requirements.
  4. Performance and availability

Low Rates and Unconditional Guarantee

The rates for our "expert" Home-Office Networking support services are among the lowest in the industry.
The diagram shown here illustrates how we will configure your home-office network so that it can exist and operate as a seperate, isolated entity yet share the expensive broadband network connections to the Internet with the home network. We utilize state-of-art wireless technologies such as 802.11ac with Beamforming support te ensure that your Wi-Fi network can support the requirement of your home and home-office.

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