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Home without Wires

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Home Network

A typical home includes a variety of devices that can be networked together using wire or wireless media to form a home network. This network enables these devices to communicate with each other, and share resources such as printers and storage. A properly configured network also enables all devices attached to the network to access the Internet via a broadband connection:

  • Computers
  • Printers

  • Tablets

  • Smartphones

  • High-Definition Televisions

  • Surveillance Cameras

  • Burglary and Fire Alarm Systems

  • Game Consoles 

Wired Versus Wireless Home Networks

During the past five years, virtually all of the advantages that wired networks once had over wireless networks have vanished. These advantages included cost, speed, security, reliability, range, and complexity. Todays wireless networks:

  • are cheaper because most of todays devices are being built with integrated Wi-Fi capabilities,

  • are capable of operating error-free at speeds of;

    •  more than 450 Mb/s for existing 802.11n routers, or:

    • up to 1.3 Gb/s for new 802.11ac routers w/Beamforming technology.

  • have multiple level of access security ranging from password/passcode to MAC address authentication,

  • have built-in fault-tolerance because a wireless devices can automatically access another wireless access point if its primary access point fails,

  • have a range of more than 300 feet and wireless signal can travel through walls and other obstacles..

  • do not require expensive Cat5/Cat6 cabling or Ethernet switches. And hubs.

Another major advantage is that we can install and configure a wireless network, and have it operational in a matter of hours. We can do this because of:

  1. the robustness, speed and security of the IEEE 802.11ac and/or IEEE 802.11n wireless standards, and;

  2.  it does not require any structural changes to accommodate the cabling necessary in wired networks.

Additionally, wireless devices such as printers and media servers can easily be moved from one place to another location without changes to the home network configuration.

How we create your new Home Without Wires© Network

For a small one-time fee*, we will:

  1. Install and configure a new IEEE 802.11ac router (or configure your existing IEEE 802.11n router) to provide the required “plug-n-play” Internet accessibility for all wireless components install in your home. We will also ensure that your home network is protected from network intrusions and other threats. As part of our router configuration process we will:

  • Create administrative and user names and passwords.

  •  Select the optimal Wi-Fi channels and speeds.

  • Install Wi-Fi Security facilities – Including unique SSID, WPA2 security settings, WPA passphrase, and MAC address authentication.

  • Block prohibited websites and services, and create Internet access schedule.

  • Create advanced port forwarding/port triggering, and application forwarding.

  • Configure IP address assignment and DHCP address range.

  • Configure dynamic DSN, secondary port settings, and remote users.

  • Create DMZ (if necessary).

  • Configure remote management access port assignments including acquiring dynamic DNS name.

  1. Install and/or configure wireless adapter cards and/or wireless USB adapters for all PCs

  2. Install and configure wireless Game Adapter (GA) and test it with your Xbox, PSIII, or WII game console.

  3. Configure your HTDV-DVR wireless adapter and configure your DirecTV system to support:

  • both DirecTV2PC®,

  • Whole House DVR®, and;

  • DirecTV’s on-Demand® services.

  1. Configure new or existing wireless Internet surveillance cameras to work with your new Home Without Wires© network.

* We will provide you with a list of any required networking components (such as: routers, adapters, access points, and surveillance cameras), and you can either purchase them yourself, or we will purchase the components and bill you after they are installed. (It is important to note that we only use wireless networking components that have been certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance.)

Unconditional Thirty-Day Guarantee

If new your Home without Wires© Wi-Fi networking infrastructure does not perform up to your expectation during the first thirty days after it is in place, we will refund your money, and restore your home network back to its original state. Please call us at (602) 478-4778 or (623) 979-1827 for more information or a free, no-obligation quote.

* plus the cost of any new wireless equipment you may need.)



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