Integrated Small Business Service (ISBS)
"Periodic computer maintenance can extend the usable life of your PCs by as much as three years!" 

Small Business Computer Maintenance Services (SBCMS) 

Our small business scheduled PC maintenance is designed to provide 24x7 management and support for all computers installed in your home or small business. It will ensure that your computers always operate at their maximum efficiency levels, and will also extend the production lifecycle of all of your computers an additional three years beyond the industry norm. The four steps in our scheduled computer maintenance process are:

1. Identifying and documenting the hardware configuration and all software installed on each of your computer systems. Including verifying that each of your computers has a genuine Windows operating system and locating the original setup media (or a backup copy of the setup media).

2. Deleting all non-essential software from each computer, and disabling non-essential operating system services. (As part of this step, we also apply any missing service packs or missing security updates; and systematically scan each computer for viruses, worms, spyware, and other malicious software.)

3. Ensuring that the remaining software along with the hardware and networking components in each computer is configured and optimized to support your business requirements.  (If hardware, operating system, and/or networking upgrades are required, we provide you with a detail list of the required upgrades.)

4. Documenting your operational environment including all computer hardware, operating systems, and networking equipment. We also document backup/recovery plans for each computer.

SBCMS Hardware, Operating system, and network Upgrades 

If your computers are outdated, slow, and not performing satisfactorily, you do not have to purchase new expensive computer hardware! We will seamlessly upgrade your existing computers with new hardware, operating systems and/or network adapters for much less than the cost of new computer systems.

SBCMS Preventative (PM) Maintenance Service Agreement

As part of our Business Computer Management Services (SBCMS), we perform monthly preventative maintenance on all computers. This guarantees that all hardware, software, and networking problems are identified and resolved quickly. It is our objective to find problems and repair them before the end-users are aware that they exist. In addition to improving efficiency and performance, PM dramatically extends the useable life of all of your computer systems by as much as five years. SBCMS preventative maintenance include:

  •  Scanning all disk drives for virus, spyware, Adware, and worms.

  • Backing-up important files and folders..

  • Reviewing system start-up options to ensure that only essential programs are being started at boot time.

  • Reviewing and resolving Applications and Systems errors in the Event Log.

  • Scanning and repairing the system registry.

  • Applying service packs, hotfixes, and important security updates.

We perform preventative maintenance during off-hours or on weekends, so that it does not interfere with your normal business operations.

SBCMS unconditional Guarantee
We guarantee that SBCMS will dramatically improve the performance, reliability, and recoverability of your computer systems, and if you are ever dissatified with out services,  we will restore your computers back to their original state and refund all of your money.


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